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C-CISD Board calls special meeting


Enterprise staff

CORRIGAN -- Corrigan-Camden Independent School District conducted a special called meeting August 27, 2012, at 7 p.m., for the purpose of holding a public hearing on the budget and tax rate for the 2012-13 year.After allowing 15 minutes for ‘public comment,’ no persons attended, so the meeting began the second phase of the agenda hearing a report from Alan Wil-son representing D K Haney Roofing, Inc. Wilson had con-ducted an appraisal of the status and needs of the various roofing in the district. His power point explained the company’s interac-tive software that had embedded video clips of the roofing taken during the evaluation, explana-tions of immediate, long term and preventative measures for each building. Should the district employ this company, all mainte-nance and supervisory personnel would be able to use the site to re-port leaks, damage or request im-mediate help online from comput-er, tablets or cell phones. Trustees were given a printed handout to study for future decisions.An amendment to the 2011-12 budget reclassifying $31,000 to the transportation function ($10,000 in bus tires was one item); $5,000 to curriculum for Blue Ribbon ceremonies; and $2,300 to Technology for new Jr. High computers, motion passed.Superintendent Tom Bowman reviewed the proposed 2012-13 budget of $7.1 million and esti-mated revenues of $7.3 million, which he said is lean, but covers all essential needs for the school year, but the district will contin-ue to seek access to the reserves from the Throckmorton land form capital needs addressed in earlier meetings. Motions made and seconded and the budget passed. The tax rate was reviewed showing a total taxable value of all property in the district of $214,175,080, the 2012-13 tax rate will be $1.040 per $100 for maintenance and operation and $.1529 for paying bonded indebt-edness, for a total tax of $1.1929 per $100 of value. Motions made and passed.Trustees approved an adjunct faculty agreement for Alyssa Puckett and Mark Currie to rep-resent 4-H activities in the dis-trict; this will allow students to attend functions without being considered absent from class. Motion made and passed.Trustees were presented the budget for 2012-13 for the Polk Central appraisal District for ap-proval. Last years total budget was $1,227,294. The proposal for 2012-13 shows $1,213,874, a small decrease. Each taxing entity votes on budget and for representatives to the board on a formula of percentage of taxa-tion. Motions were made and the item passed.With no other business the meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


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