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Corrigan Council sets tax rate


Contributing Reporter

CORRIGAN -- Reporters Note: At the last Corrigan City council meeting I report-ed that a citizen asked coun-cil to make sure voters are not rejected because their signa-ture did not look authentic. I appreciate City Secretary Thelma Stanford, for her re-ply and the rest of the story. The issue was not signing in to vote but rather the signa-ture required by the secretary of state for write-in ballots. When one requests and re-turns a write-in it must have a signature reasonably match-ing that furnished by the voter. Since there are several probably reasons for a signa-ture to not appear to match, it is solely the election judge’s decision on write-in ballots, to accept or reject –thank you Ms. Stanford, for the informa-tion on this important issue. Lew Vail A special called meeting was held Monday September 10 at 6 p.m. in the Corrigan meeting chamber; council member Thompson had an excused absence for health is-sues. Mayor Wayne Geeslin made the required second readings of the three pro-posed ordinances setting the new rates for water, sanitary sewer and garbage collection service provided by the City of Corrigan. A motion was made to set the Ad Velorum tax rate for maintenance and operation at $0.2333 and for the debt tax rate at $0.2482 for a total tax for the 2012 year at $0.4812 per $100 valuation; a slight decrease from last year. Mo-tion carried. Interim City Manager Grimes Fortune reported that there were four applicants for the City Manager position and council members had their resumes in their pack-ets. He asked that council be prepared by next Tuesday’s regular council meeting, to meet in a special session after the meeting, to choose whom and when to interview can-didates. He announced that the special meeting would be held in the upstairs meeting room.With no further business the meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.


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