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Council calls for election


Staff Reporter

CORRIGAN— The regular meeting of the Corrigan City Council convened at 6 p.m. with all council members present. Minutes from January's meeting were approved as presented. There was a citizen who spoke in Citizen's Forum thanking council for their plant and sympathy cards and the police chief for the escort when his wife passed away recently. Mayor Wayne Geeslin read the Order of Election for Municipalities calling for an election on May 11, for Council Positions 1, currently held by Johnna Lowe, Position 3 currently held by Marie Thompson and Position 5 currently held by Johnnie Mae Brooks. Early voting will be April 29 through May 7 from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays, special hours on April 30 and May 7 will be from 8 a.m. through 8 p.m., at the Seachrest Webster Community Center, 100 West Front Street. Applications for mail ballots must be received by Early Voting Clerk Billie Wilmon at 101 West Ben Franklin, Corrigan, TX 75939, before May 3 . Packets for a place on the ballot can be picked up at Corrigan City Hall during regular business hours. If you are not registered to vote you have until April 10 to become registered. Mayor Wayne Geeslin read a Proclamation declaring April 2013 as Fair Housing Month in Corrigan; this is the 45th anniversary of the passing of the National Fair Housing Law by the federal government. There was a through review of the fi nancial reports with City Manager Grimes Fortune pointing out that the Sales Tax revenue received was the highest amount in many years, at $39,247.92, some 6 percent higher than last year. Other line item questions were answered in routine manner. The current property taxes received at the end of January was $76,910 and in the fi rst 10 days of February an additional $39,247 has come in bringing the percentage of collections to above 90 percent. Police fi nes have increased but are still behind the amount budgeted, Fortune mentioned the high expenses in January for repairs to two police cars that were in excess of $2,700, the council was advised to expect activity in paying out these vehicles early. They were due to payout in June, and also a garbage truck. Two new police units are being researched and a new, larger capacity, garbage truck will cost about $153,000. Financials and vouchers were approved by council Under the City Manager and department reports the fi rst report from the Corrigan Volunteer Fire Department refl ected a quiet month with just one business fi re, two car fi res, a jaws extraction and life fl ight action and one gas spill requiring absorbent application. Chief Darrell Gibson reported for the Police Department that they arrested 10 subjects, wrote 402 citations, responded to 307 calls for service, performed 714 buildings check and worked a total of 33 cases referring one to the District Attorney for prosecution. He also reported that he has spoken to the Polk County Sheriff regarding animal control and housing. The SO will only take in vicious animals that are endangering the safety of the public. He asked council to consider asking Angelina County SO for assistance in impounding strays picked up in Corrigan. Council asked about going to Commissioners Court, and the County Judge, with a request to complete the animal housing facility that has been on the horizon for more than four years since the new jail construction began. City Manager Fortune's report covered the sewer line extension that is waiting for SHECO to provide power to the new lift station. New vinyl board fl ooring is being installed in the Court Clerk's offi ce, waiting room and all halls at the Fire Station. There are later plans to replace carpet in the City Secretary's offi ce and top tile the halls at a City Hall. Goodwin-Laister Engineers are working on plans for additional street paving. Items from council included Council member Brooks asking "what are the plans for some sort of recreation, activity, for the children to do in Corrigan." There are no parks or free activities for the children to keep them off the streets, and safe, during the up-coming summer vacation. Schools are closed so they can't play there. Parents must work and the children need a place to play, have sports or some sort of activities. She said she had heard that local banks were supposed to give 1 percent back to the community for something like Community Development, she will check on that and report back. Grimes Fortune said that park plans have been made but funds are not available and local grant issuing agency does not fund parks, other grants require a 50 percent match, and the City does not have $50,000 to get $50,000. Johanna Lowe said the citizens of Corrigan should know that Grimes Fortune, who is working on an interim basis and only receiving an hourly rate, with no benefi ts, is saving the city a large amount of money, plus his budgeting and fi nancial skills have resulted in the city coming out of a deep fi nancial problem and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Fortune pointed out that interim Police Chief Gibson, also working without medical benefi ts paid for by the city, have helped with monthly expenditure. Council member Baldwin thanked City Secretary Dorrie Cotton for the wonderful job she has done after stepping into a job with no notice and keeping things running smoothly. Lastly it was announced that Rudy's plans to open soon and will have a What-a-Burger inside the store. Council adjourned to executive session at 6:55 p.m. returning to regular session no action was taken and council adjourned.


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