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C-CISD swears in new trustees


Enterprise staff

CORRIGAN -- Corrigan-Camden ISD held its regular meeting on Tuesday, May 14, rather than on the normal Monday, so they could canvas the May 11 election results and swear-in the new board members. The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President Melanie Taylor, Anthony Harrell was absent. The fi rst action was to recognize the seventh grade junior high athletes who are the fi rst group in Corrigan-Camden history to win district in all three sports, Volleyball, Basketball and Track. Congratulations to Makenna Hughes Audri Cuevans, Gissell Fabela, Jamiyah Harrison, Kamiyah Harrison, Paige Hooks, Zomaria McQueen, Eryka Price, Keely Smith Zalaya Thomas-Tucker and Mya Williams. Also recognized was Meagan Menifee, who won district, regional and state in the 300-meter hurdles. This also is a fi rst for CCISD in this event. Meagan plans to return to the state event next year. Also recognized was CCISD Golfer Cage Bentley, who played exceptionally well all the way to the State level and then hit a hard Austin course. The board re-affi rmed the employment of Sherry Hughes as Superintendent and the employment of the teachers from last month's meeting. There was a technical glitch and this action re-confi rmed the board's earlier actions action. The board also considered a Voluntary Exit Contract with Superintendent Bowman, in order for him to begin receiving his teacher retirement in August he must receive his last check from CCISD in July. The board voted to accommodate this action. The results of the May 11 election were canvassed and Joel Scott and Ryan Burris were the winners. They were sworn in by Melanie Taylor as her last act of service in her 14-year tenure on the board. Also recognized for his longterm service to CCISD Board of trustees was Steve Willson, both were presented plaques by Superintendent Bowman. Vice President Sean Burks acted in his capacity to call for an election of the offi cers of the board, the motion was made that Sean be elected to the Presidency with no other nominations. Vice President nomination was for Marvin Hurley to serve and with no other nomination he was also elected. The Secretary position was fi lled when Sue Morrison nominated Seth Handley and Seth nominated Sue, the new board members got to make their fi rst vote count by choosing Seth to serve as secretary. The minutes and payment of bills passed in routine manner. The board considered a local wellness policy, this is mandated by the Federal Government and the district now has the required paperwork. The board approved the third reading of Policy 96, dealing with personnel matters. They also reviewed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which requires that the district increase lunch costs yearly in 10 cent increments until the federal level is reached. This is the third year that lunch costs will have risen 10 cents, the costs for 2-13-14 will be; C-C HS lunch $2.20; C-C JH lunch $2.05; Elementary lunch $2.05 and Primary lunch $2.05. The board extended the depository agreement with Citizens State Bank since it is the only bank in the school district, all voted for the matter. The board reviewed and approved bids for the sale of Tract 50, J W Scales Survey for $2,102 which is under the ten percent cap but only $3,567 was due on the tax collection, also accepted a bit of $8,000 for Tract 330 of the J Dickerson Survey which exceeded the 10 percent cap. These are being sold by the Tax Collectors office and all taxing entities must pass the bids. The board approved a budget amendment in the amount of $1,025 for a new Audiometer for the primary school to conduct hearing testing. The older one is no longer repairable due to age and parts no longer being available. Superintendent Bowman and Wes from KNA Engineering updated council on the energy savings being realized by the lighting changes. Wes had a power point and they are now waiting for the A/C HVAC savings to kick in. Initial figures indicate the planned savings goals are being met. The board entered into executive session to consider a special services employee contract and possible hiring of a district program director. The board returned to open session and renewed the contract for Polk County Special Services Employee. The board voted to hire Sandy Burris as the District Program Director. With no further business the meeting adjourned


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