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City council members given oaths of office


Enterprise staff

CORRIGAN -- The Corrigan City council convened in regular session on Tuesday evening May 21 at 6 p.m., all members was present. The fi rst item of business was the approval of minutes with a minor correction. The results of the recent city election were reviewed and the council voted to certify the winners. With that step Mayor Wayne Geeslin swore in council members, Earle C. Baldwin, Johnnie Mae Brooks, and Johanna Lowe for two year terms. Johanna Lowe was nominated to serve as Mayor Pro tem and with no other nominations the vote was four in favor and one, George Murphy, voting nay. Lowe will continue to serve as Mayor Pro Tem. Public forum followed with Perry Ealim, who represents the MLK Community Park Project asking for some action or decisions from council. Mr. Ealim is their grant writer and has been trying to meet deadlines for submitting grants to several organizations. Missed deadlines can mean another year before these opportunities open up again. He reported that right now the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has grant money for any program that can help reduce incidence of Juvenile Diabetes, and recre3ation and exercise are prime for this project. City manager Fortune said that the attorney had been given a copy of the project and that the City may not be able to sell the property to the group at the end of the three year option for $1. And, that the $13,000 fi gure mentioned that the City would furnish, was a fi gure in an earlier plan and not something the City promised or has the funds to give. Council members asked Fortune to try to get Ealim his information as quickly as possible to get this project moving. Since this is open forum no action could be taken. Stan Foley, representing Entergy power supplier, addressed Council regarding the proposed ordinance to deny a rate increase requested by Entergy, the city's power company, he explained that Entergy fi led a rate increase which will affect several large purchasers in the Golden Triangle area, but that it does not apply to Corrigan. Therefore the City needs to deny the proposed increase so the state can take action on the request. Council accommodated the request by passing the denial ordinance. During the review of the fi - nancials Fortune reported that expenses for April and the fi rst weeks of May are high due to having an additional pay period. All queries were answered and council voted to accept the fi - nancials. In City Managers report Fortune announced that the City has entered into a contract with Severn Trent, a sewer plant management fi rm which works for several local plants, for the operation of the City plant beginning June 15. This will save the city $1,100 monthly and eliminate one employee. The contract has a thirty day cancellation clause if either party is not satisfi ed with the plans. Water Well #2 went down May 9, repairs required pulling the well to diagnose problems, it was just minor, but total repair cost was $2,328 and these funds were paid from the street funds. Bids on streets will be opened in June, probably at a special called council meeting. At this time priority streets are portions of MLK, Tenth and Third streets and all (if possible) of Fifth and Front streets. Chief Gibson reported for the police department that they made 23 arrests, issued 431 citations, made 356 calls for service and performed 738 building checks. They worked on 49 cases; so far none were reported ready to go to the Polk County District Attorney's office. The city confiscated $13,000 from a traffic stop that may have been drug related. The funds have been transferred to the DA Office for prosecution after the case is completed and a court ruling, the funds can be returned to the City to go into the restricted fund for police equipment. The Corrigan Volunteer Fire Department was busy with three house fires, one life flight setup, two vehicle fires, two automobile accidents and six grass, weeds or trash fires. This Friday is Pork Butt Day, their fund raising activity. In items from Council; Council member Brooks thanked those who supported her reelection, and she said her goal was "to help the children, they need more opportunities and that all of Corrigan needs to work together, not apart, to achieve goals and programs for all children". Council member Thompson thanked her supporters and said she "would like to make changes that benefit the entire community, put all ideas together to make Corrigan a unified city". Council member Lowe thanked her supporters and stated "I am tired of the rumors on Face Book; and comments about council doing things illegally – I'm tired of it". Council adjourned to executive session with assurance that no action would be taken after the session, the citizens were welcome to enjoy the air conditioning building if they wanted to stay, but no action would be forthcoming.


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