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Stanford retires after 35 years with the City of Corrigan


Special to the Times

CORRIGAN -- The following is a portion of a Corrigan Times article over the Corrigan City Hall which appeared mid-July 2012: “On May 2, 1977, six years before a permanent City Hall was erected and three years before the fi rst City Manager was hired, Thelma Harris Stanford was appointed as City Secretary. For thirty-fi ve years Thelma, affectionately known as “Tutti”, has set the tone of the Corrigan City Hall. One might say she sets the tone for the entire City of Corrigan. Chances are if you require something in or of Corrigan, whether you are an employee, Joe Public, or even a dignitary, you will encounter the friendly, professional and accommodating service of this remarkable woman. Thelma is responsible for a multitude of routine daily and monthly tasks, too numerous to mention in this space. Monthly generating over 650 water/sewage and trash bills, employee payroll, seeing that the City’s bills are paid in a timely manner, fi ling a host of reports to a variety of agencies, directing inquiries and issues to the appropriate city department for resolution, while handling calls and visitors, just to name a few. A number of changes have occurred during Thelma’s time with the city. She is grateful for computerization, for prior to 1982 or ‘83 all water bills were fi lled out by hand, and all calculations for payroll and reports was done manually. She states that she is most proud of the progress that has been made in the city’s infrastructure; improvements that have been made to the streets, utilities and the overall appearance of the town. When asked what she likes most about working for the City of Corrigan, she quickly replies, “The people. The people I work with, we are like a family...and the public. I like helping people.” On November 30, 2012, after more than 35 years serving the citizens of Corrigan, Thelma “Tutti” Stanford, retired from her duties as City Secretary for the City of Corrigan. A reception was held at the Sechrest Webster Community Center. Near 150 longtime friends and associates were present to honor this remarkable woman; sharing stories, laughs, hugs, tears and well-wishes with the lady everyone, and anyone,could count on.


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