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Corrigan-Camden ISD holds special meeting last Thursday


Enterprise staff

The Corrigan Camden ISD (CCISD) met in a special meeting Thursday, May 23 at 7 p.m. in the board room. They discussed a resolution to requesting funds from the Polk County school lands recent oil and gas royalty payments, requesting $134,747.20 for technology improvements that would tie all campuses together. The request included $76,167.03 for a one-time payment on a loan for HVAC and Lighting Replacement Project. During the discussion phase the board heard that the Ag Barn roof was in dire need of replacement, however after the new board member, Ryan Burris, said that he had not yet learned the fi nancial position of the district and was uncomfortable voting on an additional issue added to the resolution, the board passed the original request for the two items. It will be presented to Polk County Commissioners Court, the trustees for the funds, for approval at their next meeting. Superintendent Tom Bowman's contract was revised at the regular May meeting to allow him to retire effective June 30, so that he can begin drawing his retirement funds in August that left a gap in the new Superintendent's contract which was scheduled to begin Sept. 1. The board approved starting Sherry Hughes' contract July 1 and extending through August to assure the district of having a superintendent. Wes Blackwood, representing KNA Partnership, presented a Powerpoint discussing Phase 2 of the HVAC Improvements to the district. This is a $300,000 project to complete upgrading 54 additional A/C units in the junior high and additional buildings on campus. When the new board members said they haven't had time to study the district fi nancial position, the matter was tabled. Hughes said they would be brought up to speed on budget and fi nancial issues during the soon to begin budget workshops. Superintendent Tom Bowman assured them that the data from March and April has met the projected energy cost reductions. The board approved a fund transfer between accounts and approved a new item of $1,500 for board member training expenses to the budget. There was discussion of training opportunities in San Antonio and local training that will be available to all board members to reach the state mandated hours in specifi c programs such as the Open Meeting Act, which is a requirement. During the San Antonio meeting all attendees will be advised of recent actions taken by the State Legislature.


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