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Rumble strips improve safety


LUFKIN — In an effort to improve safety and get drivers attention, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is using rumble strips in its construction and maintenance work zones. However, some motorists are making the decision to drive around the strips which could have dangerous consequences. According to TxDOT, two people were among the casualties in 96 work zone crashes in the Lufkin District in 2012. Statewide, 134 lives were lost in some 16,000 work zone crashes. TxDOT says the rumble strips, which are made of smooth black rubber and are less than an inch high, have been implemented for the safety of drivers and workers, and to help reduce the aforementioned work zone numbers. "Rumble strips are similar to speed bumps and are designed to get drivers attention," said David Collmorgen, Lufkin District Director of Maintenance. According to TxDOT, the devices have been tested and won't cause damage to vehicles. "People shouldn't drive around them because that is unsafe and could lead to a head-on crash when they meet oncoming traffi c," Collmorgen said. "They're smooth, less than an inch high and are not going to damage your vehicle. It's a safety measure to let the driver know they're in a work zone where workers are on duty and they need to pay attention." TxDOT statistics show that four out of fi ve people killed in work zones are drivers or their passengers. Rumble strips are one of the department's latest efforts to reduce the number of injuries and deaths in work zones, and on Texas highways in general. "We want to bring the numbers down and we're asking drivers to help us," Collmorgen said. "The rumble strips are one way we're trying to improve safety in our work zones. So slow down and drive over them, not around them."


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