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Corrigan Heritage Center restoration going strong


Special to the Times

CORRIGAN — If you’ve driven through downtown Corrigan in the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed the activity at 303 West Front Street, the future Corrigan Heritage Center. For several weeks workers have been busy surveying and stabilizing the entire substructure of the 78 year old building. The Corrigan Community Service League (CCSL) is very excited to see the doors open, people stirring and progress being made on securing the building from the elements. The fi rst phase of the restoration project includes leveling and replacing fl ooring supports, placing sub-fl ooring, complete re-structuring of the roof and ceiling, and stabilization of the exterior walls. Once this portion of the project is completed the exterior should be quite an improvement to the downtown Corrigan area. This endeavor has beenfunded 100% by private donations to the Corrigan Community Service League’s History Project. The organization is amazed at the support that has been received thus far; however additional funding will be necessary to move on to the second phase of the project...the interior. The CCSL is confi dent that the citizens of Corrigan, past and present, will come together and see this project thru to completion. Your tax-deductible donation would be greatly appreciated. Donations of goods and services are also of value. Currently, an electrician is needed to wire the building before the interior walls are placed. If you are able to help in any way, please contact Kelly Shadix at 936- 635-6348, or TuttiStanford at 936-229-0534. Monetary donations can be made at Citizens State Bank, Corrigan, to the Corrigan Community Service League account. The Corrigan Community Service League looks forward to presenting a quality, educational and informational venue as an asset to Corrigan andanyone with an interest in the Corrigan area. Again...we believe if everyone works together this dream will become reality.


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