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Youth Overcomers "YO" held meeting last week


Contributing Writer

CORRIGAN -- The Youth Overcomers, "YO", is a big hit this summer in Corrigan. "YO" is a free summer program for kids, eight years old and up. "YO" is being sponsored by Corrigan Housing Authority. Joe Walker, Sr. is the leader/ counselor. There have been other sponsors who have donated to the cause. The last meeting's door prizes were sponsored by Corrigan Housing Authority, Bill Safford, Stranjai Beauty Supply, and Chic Fil A in Lufkin. "YO" is a faith based youth program to educate and discourage youth from abusing alcohol and drugs. The program will also cover other subjects, including bullying. There are many people from the community supporting this program. The most recent meeting was held on Tuesday, July 9th. Speakers included Joe Walker, Sr., group leader/counselor, Inez Wiser, Bill Safford, Johnna Lowe, Patricia Walker, Chief Darrell Gibson, Ellen Pursley, and Christine Jefferson. Prayers were led by Pastor Rick Clark from Time for Harvest Church. Patricia Walker, "YO" counselor, selected two children from the group and acted out a skit. They demonstrated three kids who had been drinking and smoking marijuana and they had a head on collision. Chief Darrell Gibson, from Corrigan Police Department, spoke to the group regarding drug and alcohol abuse. Gibson informed the group that the absolute worst part of his job is having to advise a parent that their child is not coming home, because he or she is dead. Gibson demonstrated this by pretending that Joe Walker was the parent and Gibson was the offi - cer in a child fatality situation. After presentations and door prizes were given, the group enjoyed a hot dog supper. Everyone in attendance signed a Y.O. Pledge for a youth drugfree community. There was a Youth pledge and an Adult pledge. "Y.O." adult leaders met on Tuesday, July 15th. The adults discussed future subjects for the group. Treasury and mission statement were also discussed. Beaulah Hood and Bill Safford were nominated as treasurers, Christine Jefferson was selected as secretary, Assistant secretary is Gwen Foreman.. Counselors include Joe Walker, Patrick Whitehead, Patricia Walker, Brenda Whiteker, Kenith Jackson, Ellen Pursley, and Bill Safford. Two donations were contributed during the meeting. The donations were made by Corrigan Bible Study and Bill Safford. The next "YO' meeting will be Tuesday, July 23rd at 6:00 p.m. at the Corrigan Housing Authority Resident Center, across from Mickey Reily Public Library. There will be free refreshments served. There will also be a drawing for door prizes. Every youth in attendance will have his or her name placed in the drawing. The "YO" program is for children, ages eight years and up.


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