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Bowman annouces retirement


CORRIGAN -- The Corrigan Camden ISD (CCISD) held its regular meeting on Monday January 14 with a board meeting room overfl owing with students and parents who were in attendance to se their children receive awards. Board President Melanie Taylor called the meeting to order promptly at seven p.m. and after the invocation everyone joined in with the pledge to the American Flag, students loudly chiming in. The children had participated in the University Interscholastic League (UIL) Academic competition and they were there to receive recognition and their medals. Primary School honorees; Second Grade students Sabine Snyder – math second place Nikki Mochman – story telling fourth place Carrie Burris – math fi fth place & creative writing sixth place Kathryn Fisher – math fourth place & creative writing fi rst place Third Grade students; Allesandra Najera – spelling third place Jess Shows – spelling sixth place Fourth Grade students; Erika Chunn – number sense sixth place Kaylee Conarroe – oral reading sixth place Karly Perkins – ready writing fi rst place There was a tie in spelling, Cameron Scott and Jackson Kilgore both placed second. The fourth grade art team won fi rst place, members are; Marissa Acevedo, Micah Hughes, Kylie Nash and Matthew Moody. Fifth Grade students; Abigail Anastacio – dictionary skills fi fth place Riley Fisher – spelling fi rst place Jade Beauchamp – maps, graphs and charts third place Sixth Grade students; Kobi Poage - math fi rst place, number sense fourth place Gederion Sells – math second place, art smart second place and ready writing fi fth place Joanna Rodriguez – art smart fourth place Lane Hurley – art smart fi fth place Gracie Wilkinson – ready writing second place Maribel Escobedo – ready writing sixth place Gracie Wilkinson – maps, graphs and charts third place Madison Knight – maps graphs & charts fourth place Kelton Smith – social studies fourth place Another tie in social studies Ethan Canales and David Thompson placed sixth Anna Page – dictionary skills sixth place Molly Rayborn – spelling fourth place Each student received a medal in a blue box that they will surely cherish throughout school. These activities prepare them for scholastic activities in the same way that sports prepare students for physical success, the board and the audience applauded and gave a big thanks to the teachers who worked and prepared the students for the competition.


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