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Corrigan sets new meeting to discuss contracts


Contributing staff

CORRIGAN -- The Corrigan City Council met on Tuesday, July 16, in the meeting room at the Sechrest Webster community center to discuss the contracts of two new employees. During the approval of minutes, there apparently were a total of three meeting in June. Council member Earle Baldwin said she had not been in Corrigan and did not receive notice of June's special meeting where council offered contracts to new city manager Darrian Hudman and Police Chief Darrell Gibson. Prior to his department report, Gibson told council he wanted a contract so he would not fall victim to "politics." Gibson said if he doesn't do his job, he should be fi red, but not because of a political issue. It was explained that the minutes said the city attorney would review the contracts. Council agreed the city attorney should be at the next meeting for an explanation. Baldwin did not understand a probationary position having a long-term contract. During council forum, member Baldwin told Gibson she thought he was doing a very professional job in leading the department and she looked forward to the attorney explaining the contracts. Mayor Bennett Geeslin then asked council and those in attendance for recommendations for serving on the Corrigan Park Committee. Named to serve are councilmember Johnnie Mae Brooks, Felicia Jolly, Jonathan Clark, Bill Safford and Joe Walker. Brooks was asked to serve as chair to get the meetings started. During the City Manager report, Darrian Hudman reported that Tyrone Eaglin would be installing four computers at the Mickey Riley library, two in City Hall and one at a shop. They have been donated to the library through Texas Correctional Industries. Reflectors have been placed at MLK and Buckhorn on both sides of the culvert to help citizens identify the edge of the road. Improvements have been made to the sewer plant, by cleaning out the drying beds. Sewer contractor Severen Trent spoke about pumping out the digester and wet hauling and advised since the drying beds were cleaned that action will not be necessary. This will avoid acquisition of a special permit from TCEQ and the estimated cost of $3,500 of hauling. The city spent about $1,000 to clean and prepare the drying beds. Andy Langston and Hudman met with Mike Walker of Goodwin Laister, Inc. for a walkthrough of the sewer extension. This resulted in a list of work the contractor will complete prior to being paid. Hudman spoke with Warden Steven Miller and Sgt. Sam YOUTH CAMP -- These kids and sponsors recently attended youth camp at Pineywoods Encampment in Woodlake. The group attend youth groups at the First Baptist Church in Corrigan and the Union Springs Missionary Baptist Church in Corrigan. The kids attended Bible study and alot of other activities. Davis of the Rufus Duncan Unit in Diboll regarding the trustees returning to perform community service. Miller and Davis said they would begin paperwork and the city can expect them after school opens in August. They cannot work at schools once students are in class, with all completed in summer. Council member Johanna Lowe said she is tired of animals tearing into the garage when it is set out for pick up. Gibson said there is no shelter in Polk County and no other county will take animals for free. Corrigan Fire Department Secretary Thomas Spurlock reported that the department responded to three grass fires, two vehicle fires, one automobile accident, had power lines downed by the June tornado and had a Life Flight set up, but cancelled. The police department reported 14 arrests and 506 citations. Gibson pointed out they have a temporary "traffic officer" and that he will be asking council to make the position permanent by showing the income generated by that position.


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