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Corrigan ISD OKs budget amendments, contracts


BY LEW VAIL Enterprise staff lewvail@eastex.net CORRIGAN -- No one appeared at Corrigan-Camden Independent School District' s required public hearing Tuesday to discuss the budget and proposed tax. Board President Sean Burks asked staff and board members and asked if they had any questions and, hearing none, Burks adjourned until a second called meeting was slated to begin an hour later. During this second meeting, the board approved a budget amendment to bring the 2012- 13 budget into agreement with actual expenses and authorized paying the August bills from the old budget. The board approved contracts for services from Region IV to cover training for teachers, substitute teachers; bilingual education, campus planning and the ability of the teachers to take courses and stay in Corrigan. The district will seek state waivers for six early release days (less than seven hours of instruction). These early dismissals being requested to allow for staff time for conferences, and to transport students to playoff games or local school activities. The board will also ask for a waiver for Modifi ed Schedule and State Assessment Days. This allows students – seniors usually – to come to school late when they are not taking tests. This will not be used if the busses would have to make a second run to pick them up. If the requested waiver for Staff Development Days is approved, there will be calendar adjustments to accommodate the three-day teacher training. The board agreed to fi le the waiver requests. A request from Skeet Shooting Club coach for a letter authorizing her to carry shotguns and ammunition on school vehicles while the team is taking practice or going to a meet. The board voted to allow this program and furnished the letter. With all the HVAC changes and new equipment an Energy Policy is needed. The following has been in place since January 2013. Cooling points have been set to ensure that the units can keep up with demand once the rooms are occupied and kitchen areas can be cooled when in use. The Cooling Point for school buildings is 72 degrees occupied and 83 degrees unoccupied. The heating set point is 70 degrees occupied and 60 degrees unoccupied.On weekends and holidays, cooling systems will be set at 83 and the heat will be 60. Those needing other changes for events and activities will work through that campus administrator beforehand. The board approved a tax refunds to several property owners for homestead exemptions, veterans/homestead allowance; over 65 exemption, which had already been approved by the contracts Leslie Jones Burks, the Polk County Tax Assessor/Collector. The board reviewed the proposed budget, which has been posted on the district's website — http. ccisdtx.net. It shows revenues from taxes, delinquent taxes, per capita apportionment and foundation and salaries in the amount of $8,551,568 and food service income in the amount of $614,541. Debt service from the Interest and Sinking portion of the district's tax rate is projected to amount to $535,688. The total budget is $9,701,797, and offi cials are presenting a balanced budget. Expenses for the Maintenance and Operations (M&O) portion of the budget which covers Instruction, library, technology, plant maintenance and payments for shared services amounts to $8,551.568. Food service were listed at $614,541. The proposed budget calls for $535,688 to service the district's bonded debt. Expenses that come in under budget will be added to the reserve for the next year's operations. The M&O tax rate is set at $1.04 and Interest and Sinking at 16 cents for a total tax of $1.20 per $100 tax value. Values are set based on appraisals are done by the Polk Central Appraisal District, not the ISD. Any property that had an increase in value was sent a notice in April. Appeal hearings were held in May.


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