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County historical commission gets Distinguished Service Award


AUSTIN - The Texas Historical Commission (THC) recently recognized Polk County with a Distinguished Service Award for the 2012 year of service. This award was presented during a meeting of the Commissioner's Court on Aug. 27 and recognized their County Historical Commission (CHC) for managing preservation programs that educate citizens and generate interest in the history and character of Texas. This award also acknowledges the CHC's efforts to preserve Texas' unique heritage by promoting stewardship of, and tourism to, our state's unique cultural and historic sites. "The Distinguished Service Award is our agency's way of affi rming County Historical Commissions that continue to improve and expand their preservation programs," said THC Executive Director Mark Wolfe. "The Texas Historical Commission works with CHCs to save the real places and tell the real stories of Texas. Join us in honoring the Polk County Historical Commission for their dedication and hard work." Unlike most states, Texas counties have the legislative authority to establish CHCs to initiate and conduct programs that preserve historic and cultural resources. Texas CHCs are made up of unpaid county appointees who reported volunteer hours for the 2012 year of service that had a monetary value of more than $8.8 million. The THC provides services to CHCs, as well as citizens across the state, to preserve Texas' heritage for the use, education, enjoyment, and economic benefi t of present and future generations. CHC contributions include the preservation of countless historic buildings, artifacts, documents, and other components of Texas' rich history. For more information about the Distinguished Service Award, visit www.thc.state. tx.us or contact the History Program's Division at 512- 463-5853.


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