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Corrigan tax payments sluggish, revenue down


Enterprise staff

The City of Corrigan held its regular council meeting Tues-day, Jan. 15 in the City Hall.All members of council were in attendance for the prayer and approval of minutes from the December 2012 meeting.Leonard Butler had signed up for citizen's forum, he ex-plained how the fi remen do a lot of work silently and maybe don't get enough appreciation. City manager Grimes For-tune reviewed the December fi nancial statements with atten-tion to slow payment of prop-erty tax remittance, a slight dip – under $1,100 in sales tax rev-enue, they anticipate an infl ux of payments when taxes come due Jan. 31. He also pointed out in revenue that the police department has been issuing tickets, however there again, payments are slow to come in, leaving cash balance in the gen-eral account looking low.Expenses were discussed, with several reimbursement items for the sewer plant where items were bought on the op-erator's credit card for expedi-ency and were paid this month. The city attorney had not billed since they began work so that item was unusually high. Coun-cil voted to approve the vouchers for payment. Revenue for Jan. 1 through 10 was $3,363.46 City Taxes ($3,170.56 interest and sinking money), sales tax $21,536.54, police fi nes $14,437.50, fran-chise fee $2.44, Library (fi nes, fees, etc.)$86.60, Water, sewer and garbage fees $30,560,07, and other $300.Police Chief Darrell Gibson reported for the period Dec. 18 2012 through Jan. 14, 2013 the department made 12 arrests, wrote a total of 375 citations, re-sponded to 260 calls for service, performed a total of 792 security checks, worked on 30 cases and referred six to the District Attor-ney for prosecution.In council forum, council member Johnny Mae Barnes wanted to assure all present that she and all of council support and appreciate the Corrigan Vol-unteer Fire department and those people who so selfl essly serve the community. She wondered if her asking a question about how many firemen the depart-ment had last month was mis-construed in the news report. The theme of support for the VFD was echoed by each coun-cil member in turn. Council member Irene Thompson also said council appreciates all of the city workers and their dedi-cation to serving the citizens of Corrigan. City manager Fortune re-sponded to a request from the Polk County Enterprise, to add the fire department's month reports to the city package to be reported during the regu-lar meeting, saying the report would be a part of council's package starting in February.Council entered into execu-tive session with their attorney at 6:40 p.m., the agenda listed discussing the hiring of a deputy election clerk and discussing the city manager position.Council returned to regular session at 7:08 p.m. according to Mayor Geeslin, with a motion to hire Billy Willmon to be the dep-uty election clerk, motion carried unanimously. There was no action regarding the second issue.Meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.


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