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Corrigan City Council eyes park space


Contributing Reporter

CORRIGAN – The need for more park space for children's activities was discussed Tuesday by the Corrigan City Council. During Council Forum portion of the meeting, Councilwoman Johnnie Mae Brooks expressed her desire for the children of Corrigan to have a safe park to enjoy. She had attended a recent meeting where she learned of a 50-50 grant for such a project. She also stressed that the entire community needs to work together to accomplish this. Council member Earlie C Baldwin also came away from the conference with renewed energy, noting they were told that the Baby Boomers, "our generation," need to accept suggestions and hopes from the next X and Y generations of younger people. She indicated the city needs to ask the youth and young parents for their input. Baldwin added Corrigan needs to develop at least one project yearly to bring visitors to the area, bringing their tourist dollars with them. Marie Thompson, another council member, asked, "What does Corrigan do for celebration? We need to get up and do something as a community" adding nothing will happen until everyone has a sense of 'community rather than a sense of 'city'. .Councilwoman Johana Lowe said she had heard good reports about the efforts of the new animal control offi cer, Kenith Jackson. Chief Gibson said he would be expanding his duties to junk cars and other environmental issues in the near future. At this point there was an unidentifi ed lady in the audience who apparently had information regarding grant applications for the city park, since there has not been a citizen's forum on the agenda she was told to call the city manager Wednesday if she wanted to submit information. Following the meeting, Mayor Wayne Geeslin and Brooks indicated they would seek to have the "citizens forum" back on future council meeting agenda in order to give local citizens an opportunity to speak and make suggestions. While the council cannot act on public forum suggestions, they can take them under advisement for future action. During the meeting, the council received a report from an Entergy representative regarding the reason to decline the electric rate increase being proposed at this time. Entergy has fi led a request with the Public Utility Commission (PUC) for a rate increase. Later in the year or early next spring the commission will respond to their request, at that time rates will change. Council asked what would happen if they accepted the rate change now and he explained the new rate, an increase of $1.89 per Kilowatt, would be collected, but if the PUC sets a lower rate refunds would have to be made. Council voted to deny the rate increase. Financial statements were approved after a brief review. Kay Howard, representing Print Shop in Lufkin, had brought in a four foot by eight foot sign proclaiming: "Future Home of Corrigan City Park" which they donated. It will be erected on the proposed site on MLK. During department reports, The Corrigan Volunteer Fire Department reported eight grass fi res, during Sept.; one medical assistance; one vehicle fi re and one "wildlife" call, which turned out to be a rattlesnake on a woman's porch. They also held a fi re prevention program at C-CISD for the pre-k through fourth graders, teaching youngsters what to do, and not due, if they are involved in a fi re at home. They said they would be available to present a program for day care or private schools with age appropriate children. Chief Darrell Gibson reported the Corrigan Police Department made 17 arrests, issued 574 citations, answered 261 calls for service, performed 839 building security checks, worked on 36 cases and referred to four to the Polk County District Attorney's offi ce for prosecution. City Manager Darrian Hudman reported that Andy Langston, a water company employee, was retiring after 28 years of service. He had a farewell luncheon on Wednesday, Oct. 16, at City Hall. Hudman also said the Plant Road Sewer project fi nal payment of $94,071 was made to Terry Black Construction Company. A list of streets that need work is now offi cially out for bids. The Fall Festival will be held on the street behind city hall on Oct. 26, from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. Council adjourned to executive session and returned about twenty minutes later and adjourned without any action items presented.


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