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Provasek speaks at chamber meeting


Special to the Times

CORRIGAN -- Ernie Provasek is over the fi shing program at C-CISD. He explained to the chamber of commerce luncheon guests about the fi shing tournaments in which C-CISD students participate. He explained that before the students sign up for the tournaments that he explains to them that when they go out to participate in a tournament, they will be in a boat for eight hours. That eight hours of fi shing means no returning to land for anything, including restroom breaks. He explained that this is an opportunity for students to experience riding in a bass boat. Some students would never get that opportunity otherwise. The teams participate in fi ve tournaments and one championship a year. Over 700 students in Southeast Texas participate in the program. The Corrigan Camden team won the 2012 state championship. They took second place in the 2013 championship, only because they tied with another team and lost the tie breaker. Corrigan Camden began participating in the state tournament in 2011. Mr. Provasek stressed that males and females may participate in this program. Sponsors of the C-CISD fi shing team include Citizens State Bank, Reinhardt Auto Parts, Lawson Services, Stanley Jigs, and Durham Out door. If anyone would like to contribute to this outstanding program, please contact Mr. Provasek or C-CISD.


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