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Local made his dreams come true


CORRIGAN -- This football season, Corrigan residents had the opportunity to watch one of our own play in the National Football League. Chase Ford, a 2008 graduate of Corrigan-Camden High School played for the Minnesota Vikings this past season. Ford was an all-around athlete at Corrigan-Camden and then left Corrigan to attend Kilgore College where he played football for two years and received an associates degree He then attended the University of Miami where he also played football (tight end) and received a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology in 2012. He attended the Philadelphia Eagles camp in 2012 and was later released where he returned home in Corrigan till the Minnesota Vikings called him at the end of the 2012 season. He played for two weeks and was then sent home till he returned this season and was added to the active roster. Ford stated that he feels like his chances for returning are very good for next year. He stated that his break came due to injuries of other players. Ford played 10 games this season for the Vikings. He said that it is really not much difference playing high school football then it is professional because to him its just a game he loves. "It did kind of hit me when I played the Dallas Cowboys and there was players there I had watched and now I was playing against them, said Ford. Lots of Corrigan fans were watching for that number 86 on the fi eld. Ford is the son of Kris and Charity Moore and has two brothers, Kade and Peyton. Both attend Corrigan-Camden High School. Ford went to school in Chester and moved to Corrigan his sophomore year. Ford stated his greatest moment in football was coming to Corrigan to play football. But he really didn't even think he wanted to play football because his real love was basketball. But his Dad talked him into playing football too. " I was glad I listened to my Dad, that is probably one of the few times I listened to him but I'm glad I did," Ford stated. "My Mom does a lot and it means a lot to me and my family is really great about supporting me, said Ford. Ford will be in Houston this month preparing for off season and will have to return to Minnesota at the end of April. When asked what he wants to do after football he said he would like to become a coach on high school level. "You can teach them the most on the high school level, they absorb more," Ford stated. He also said if not football he would like to go back and get his master's degree and go into the business fi eld. He hopes to play in the NFL as long as he can and we wish him the best of luck. Go # 86.


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