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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - April 2009
Copyright 2009 - Polk County Publishing Company

Club receives sizable Contribution
Houston County Courier -  April 2009

By Crystal Rhone
Staff Writer

The Boys and Girls Club of Crockett accepted a donation from Wal Mart for $100 for their outstanding community involvement.
As Xavier Wooten accepted the $100 check, Mark Hales, a Wal Mart representative pulled another check out for $2,000.
Wooten said he was speechless and he is so excited this has become a positive place for kids in the community.
Hales said, “On behalf of the community and Wal Mart staff we thank the Boys and Girls Club for a job well done.
“This place is a good for kids, wonderful for the community and its always good to give something back.”
After the presentation of the checks, Wooten gave Hales a Boys and Girls Club of Crockett shirt, a tote bag and a homemade card.
All the children at the Boys and Girls Club made a card as a thank you.
Jenuwyne Hopkins, 10, was also there to pick up her $50 gift card from Wal Mart.
Hopkins found the prize egg at Wal Mart’s Easter egg hunt.



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