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Reader responds to issue
Houston County Courier - August 2008

I beg to differ with the letter printed in the July 24 issue of the Houston County Courier written by Billy Groves. 
No professional chief of police would alert the media before an investigation for fear of jeopardizing the case. 
If all else fails turn the case into a civil rights circus. 
It has been done many times before. 
Involve the ACLU and it becomes a matter of color instead of what is wrong or right. 
Do not misunderstand me, if the two deputies are found guilty; they deserve to be punished.  But, chief of police's actions may have prejudiced any future trial or conviction. 
It was certainly not in the best interest of the victim, the accused, or the city.
Turnabout is fair play.  If, to quote Billy Groves, “the chief had a right to report the incident to the FBI, the media and the general public” then I, as part of the public, have a right to see printed information on the Texas Department of Public Safety investigation into the alleged identity theft and fraud charges against chief of police.
I did not see that plastered on the front page. 
Or, what about the sordid little tale of a city officer allegedly let go for misconduct. 
Thatwould have made a great story. 
Why didn’t the chief of police take these matters to the media? 
The press is a two-edged sword.  If, as Billy Groves stated, the two deputies should be “relieved of active duty until the investigation is complete” then fairness dictates that the chief of police and two city officers should also be relieved pending the outcome of the federal lawsuit in which they are embroiled.

Debbie Millican







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