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DA responds to article
Houston County Courier - August 2008

In the Aug. 7 issue of the Grapeland Messenger, it was printed that, I, Houston County District Attorney David Cervantes denied the Messenger the press release of Eric Lamond Davis's murder indictment and information regarding the 2007 shooting of Carlos Kratzer. 

In response to the Messenger I will say the following.  The Messenger has proven to be
unethical in its reporting and lacks the ability to confirm its facts. 

In the past, it has falsely attributed statements to me in editorials, tied me to events I had no part in, and inaccurately reported matters of public record. 

For the above reasons, I will not submit press releases to the Messenger.

In regards to the Messenger filing an open records request for documentation on the Eric Davis indictment and Kratzer shooting investigation, I have 10 days to respond to its request and will do so timely. 

On the Eric Davis case, the documents requested by the Messenger are public record and available in the district clerk’s office to any citizen. 

I have and will continue to have an “open door policy” in my administration, and I will discuss any case to the extent that I can with anyone but the Grapeland Messenger editors and reporters. 

David E. Cervantes

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