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Not Afraid to Get Involved
Houston County Courier - August 2008

A few weeks ago my nephew, Jerry Mullins and his 6-year old son Dolan, were returning home from swimming lessons.
They noticed a small fire in the road ditch next to the property on the south side of m property.
Trying to teach Dolan one of life's important lessons about being a good citizen, he tried to arouse the property owner.  When he saw the locked gate, he realized that they were not there, so he turned around and came back to my house, where I was able to call 911 for the Crockett Fire Department.
According to Jerry Daniels, owner of the property, Mullins' son Dolan actually put sand on the fire so it wouldn't reach the pop-up trailer parked inside the fence.
Brave work, Dolan!
Damage to the property was minimal because my nephews were not afraid to get involved and the Crockett Fire Department responded speedily.
Thanks to these two, my own property was saved from a very close call. 
We all need to watch out for one another and be a good neighbor.

Margaret Wood












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