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Eric Lamond Davis Indicted For First Degree Murder
Houston County Courier - August 2008
By Jessica Zwar

Eric Lamond Davis, 22, of Grapeland, was indicted on Monday, July 28 by a Houston County Grand Jury and charged with first degree murder in connection with the July 5 shooting death of 30-year-old Betty Cruz.

If convicted, Davis faces five to 99 years or life in prison.

According to reports, Davis has been charged for intentionally or knowingly causing the death of Ms. Cruz, by shooting her in the head with a revolver. 

Betty Cruz resided in Grapeland and was the mother of four small children, ages 10, 7, 6, and 2.  The children were in the apartment when the shooting occurred.

In January 2007 Davis was indicted in connection with a March 2006 aggravated robbery. 

The January 2007 indictment charged Davis with allegedly robbing Grapeland Farm and Fuel while exhibiting a deadly weapon.  His court appointed attorney for the aggravated robbery is Lynn Markham. 

Houston County District Attorney David Cervantes said, “Contrary to what was reported in a July 10 article in the Grapeland Messenger, Eric Lamond Davis was in fact indicted on the aggravated robbery charge in January 2007.” 





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