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Letter to the Editor - Supporters of the Arts
Houston County Courier - August 2008

I feel compelled to reach out to all those supporters of the Arts in our community.  You have heard how the arts help the community through recruiting businesses and professionals to our area.  You have been told that exposure to the arts helps students both motivationally and with test scores.  The arts are a great way to meet new people.  More generally, the arts are just a great form of entertainment.  The reality is the appreciation for the Arts stem from within.  It’s about your passion.  It’s about your understanding of the value of the arts.
PWFAA is entering their 18th (yes, I said 18th) year of presenting events that challenge your senses and provide you with superb entertainment, right in your backyard.  I would hope that you would make an effort to attend most events.  Because if you don’t, you may miss something special that could inspire you and provide you with a broader exposure than you would have the opportunity for in just every day life.
I challenge all of you to become a member of PWFAA by purchasing a season ticket.  By purchasing a season ticket you are supporting the future of PWFAA.  If you are unable to attend all the events, please give your ticket to someone who has never been to a PWFAA event and allow them the opportunity to be inspired and entertained.
I want to personally thank all those businesses and individuals who have made such generous contributions in support of PWFAA and the arts.  I know our economy is struggling, but please try to continue your support of PWFAA.  It is only with your ongoing support that the arts will continue to thrive in our community.
Think about it!

Deborah Porth Blackwell
















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