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Candidate Rejects CISD's Offer
Houston County Courier - August 2008
By Sharron Randall

Despite the board of trustees of the Crockett Independent School District 4-3 vote to approve Dr. J. Leonard Wright as Crockett High School principal on Monday evening, Aug. 11, Dr. Bill Like, superintendent said on Wednesday, Aug. 13, 9:45 a.m., "Dr. Wright turned us down."
Asked what happens now, Dr. Like said, "I'm meeting with the president of the school board today."
After a lengthy executive session to discuss personnel as per Texas Government Code 551.074, on Monday, Aug. 11, the board returned to open session and unanimously approved three teachers' probationary contracts.
Board President Claude Watson read Superintendent Dr. Bill Like's recommendation to approve Dr. Wright as Crockett High School principal, to which Trustee Deborah Kennedy made a motion, seconded by Secretary Helen Dubcek, to "decline" the recommendation.
Watson called for a vote on the motion: Ms. Kennedy, Ms. Dubcek, and Trustee James Berry voted for the motion, while Trustees Karen Johnson, Trey Young, Johnny Lawrence and Watson were opposed.
Vice President Lawrence then made a motion, seconded by Young, to accept the superintendent's recommendation in favor of Dr. Wright.  That's when the 4-3 vote occurred.
Ms. Kennedy, Ms. Dubcek, and Berry were opposed while Ms. Johnson, Watson, Lawrence, and Young voted in favor of approval.
As Watson announced the result, Ms. Dubcek interrupted with; "I want it in the minutes that…" to which Watson responded, "Please, Ms. Dubcek, you're out of order."
Ms. Dubcek replied, "No, you are!"
Later Ms. Dubcek asked, "Can I talk now?" and Watson commented that he would not engage in an "ignorant" argument with her.
After his approval, Dr. Wright left the boardroom. 
Also on the agenda in open session was the "Team of Eight" Training-Goal Setting which is required school board training.
Attorney Wayne Haglund, who has 32 years of experience in school law, provided the approximately 90-minute training.
Haglund encouraged the trustees to maintain unity and said that once a decision has been made, it becomes "our" decision.
He said, "Take ownership, move forward, and if you disagree, disagree agreeably."
Haglund also charged the board to stay informed and be aware of their responsibilities and limitations.
The board established district goals and superintendent performance measures for the 2008-2009 school year with the final copy going on the agenda for official consideration at the next board meeting.
Finally, pursuant to Executive Session per Texas Government Code 551.71-private consultation with the board's attorney, the board went into closed session at 9:05 p.m. to discuss the superintendent's formative evaluation.
Upon return to open session, Young made the motion to approve the superintendent's formative evaluation, Ms. Kennedy seconded, and the motion passed 7-0.






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