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City approves $7.5 million budget
Houston County Courier - August 2008
By Daphne Hereford
Managing Editor

With a 3-1 vote Monday night, Aug. 18, members of Crockett City Council approved the 2008-2009 fiscal year budget totaling some $7.5 million.
Councilman Bill Holcomb was absent from the meeting and councilman James Hall voted against passage of the budget. Councilmen Darius Kitchen, Nathan Gardner and Jackie Jones voted in favor of the measure.
During the budget hearing, John Hooks asked council to consider using water wells to eliminate the need to purchase surface water.
Mayor Wayne Mask said the city is contracted to purchase 30 million gallons per month from the water district and that when they did influx water from city wells they received complaints about taste due to the sulfur content.
City Administrator Ron Duncan said the city wells could not handle the capacity and if the city eliminated the contract with the water district it could potentially cause them to collapse.
Hooks suggested that the city consider assigning city vehicles and using the extra money generated to repair the fire station.
The need for repairs to the fire station were addressed at the beginning of the meeting by Crockett Fire Department Chief Darrell Deckard who told council, "If we don't do something we will lose the building in a year."
Council approved the 2008-2009 Crockett Economic and Industrial Corporation budget of $3.6 million.
 CEIDC Executive Director Tim Culp presented an overview of the 10 projects that are still in progress.
He said the budget included a $2.4 million USDA loan for the vocational, technical school. He added the completed plans were ready for bids and a construction manager at risk had been hired.
He said the facility would be located at Hwy. 19 south and Loop 304 and they were in a 30-day waiting period for paperwork from USDA and that once that was received the project would go out for bids.
Council approved a resolution to submit a Texas community Development Block Grant application for $250,000 for sanitary sewer improvements.
During the public comments portion of the meeting, Billy Groves addressed Council saying he was there to defend the "chief."
In commenting about Crockett Police Department Chief Jimmy Fisher's instructing classes at Crockett Independent School District, Groves said, "When it looks like he is working two jobs he is helping kids."





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