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Groundwater issues revisited
Houston County Courier - August 2008

Houston County Judge Lonnie Hunt has announced that another town hall meeting on groundwater issues will be held Monday, Aug. 25 at 6 p.m. in the Crockett Civic Center. During the meeting, citizens will be asked to comment on whether or not Houston County should pursue the creation of a groundwater conservation district.
At the first town hall meeting on Aug. 4, about 120 citizens turned out to learn about groundwater issues. A panel of experts, led by Dr. Bruce Lesikar with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, provided information and answered questions.
Among the options discussed were: (1) taking no action (2) creating a new groundwater conservation district just for Houston County (3) asking Trinity County to combine with Houston County to create a new two-county district (4) petitioning to become a member of an existing multi-county district or (5) seeking to give the existing Houston County Water Control and Improvement District additional authority to manage groundwater.
"We heard lots of information during our August 4 meeting," said Judge Hunt. "There is obviously a lot of interest and a lot of questions about this subject. The next logical step is to focus on the various options that are available to us, and let the citizens express their opinions."
"Whether you are for a groundwater conservation district, against it, or still unsure, your input is important. I have heard strong arguments both for and against it.
Since any effort to create or join a district will require approval by the voters, the comments we receive at Monday night's meeting will help determine how we proceed -- and if we proceed any further.
 The county judge is offering free copies of an informative booklet published by AgriLife Extension entitled "Questions About Groundwater Conservation Districts in Texas."
Any interested citizen can obtain a free copy of the booklet at the judge's office on the second floor of the Court House Annex on the square in Crockett.






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