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Williams Celebrates 40 Years in Business
Houston County Courier - August 2008
Compiled by Sharron Randall
Staff Writer

"Since 1968, Wayne Williams has devoted his life to offering Chrysler products to the people of Houston County" read the Thursday, Oct. 21, 1993 issue of the Courier on Wayne Williams Motor Co.'s 25th anniversary.
Thursday, Aug. 22, the dealership opened its doors to celebrate 40 years.  Back in 1993 Williams said, "It is the biggest challenge I have ever had and I am proud we have been able to hang around for 25 years."
Imagine what he thinks 15 years later! 
During Thursday's open house, Williams proudly pointed out the Courier's aluminum plate with photo and article which is prominently displayed to Kelli Barnes, advertising manager of this newspaper.
Ms. Barnes, formerly of Lufkin, said that as a child, she memorized the slogan "All roads lead to Crockett where it's not too far for a far better deal," a slogan that Williams and former employee Angie Angers thought of while on their way to shoot a commercial in Lufkin
"I suppose we have done some things right over these (substitute 25 for 40) years because we are still open.  The odds were very much against me surviving because this is a very competitive business," Williams said some 15 years ago.
Wayne Williams Motor Co. has certainly come a long way since Chrysler contacted him in July of 1968.



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