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Man Arrested For Possession of Controlled Substance
Houston County Courier - August 2008
By Jessica Zwar
HC District Attorney's Office

On Friday, Aug. 8, while on patrol Grapeland Police Officer Jim Field received a call about a reckless driver traveling southbound on U.S. 287. 
The suspected vehicle, a 2007 Land Rover, was reportedly speeding at a rate of 71 mph in a posted 60 mph zone. 
Officer Field initiated his emergency light and a traffic stop.
Once Officer Field began speaking with the suspect, Conley Cruz Wendt, a high school football coach from North Fort Worth, he noticed him to be very nervous. 
Becoming suspicious, the officer asked for consent to search the 50-year-old man's vehicle. 
Officer Field found three syringes and a plastic tub containing a white powdery substance that Wendt said was BC powder, a product sometimes used to “cut” narcotics.
Investigating officers on the scene also located vials with a white powdery substance inside which tested positive for cocaine. 
Wendt was arrested and charged possession of controlled substance more than one gram but less than four grams. 
Wendt was transported to the Houston County Sheriff's Office jail. His bond was set at $5,000 and he was released on Saturday, Aug. 9.
Wendt's 2007 Land Rover and a total of $2,707 were seized for forfeiture by the Houston County District Attorney’s Office. 





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