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Writer asks what now?
Houston County Courier - August 2008

Where is the outraged newspaper from Grapeland now?
A stampede to a public lynching must be in the works considering what has transpired with the chief of police in Crockett, right?
Will there be demands for resignation?
Will there be demands for immediate suspension without pay for the indicted city official who not only abused his office but a member of his family as well?
Will the city council finally take notice of what has been going on in this community?
Will the community allow the corrupt actions of the police and the arrogance of certain city councilmen continue unchallenged?
Elections are meant to put in place individuals that have the interests of the entire community in mind.
Who voted for these people anyway?
And the really good question is: What will the Crockett Independent School District do about the retention of this person as a teacher of our children?
The same individual that is teaching administration of justice courses to our children is the one that has no respect for the law at all.
Don't forget that there are still legal actions against this individual pending in federal court.
The citizens of this community deserve better that what we have been subjected to.
As the first county in the State of Texas we should be prouder and better than any other county in the state.
We should be an example of what is right about Texas.
Roger Erwin






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