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Hog damage discouraged
Houston County Courier - August 2008

This county's farmers and ranchers are being damaged severely by hunters who do not intend to bring about the situation, but they are not aware of the fact that six hog panels and six steel posts can make a circle around deer feeders if you put these panels up the deer will jump over them and get the expensive corn that is thrown on the ground.
The hogs will starve out the deer by eating all the acorns and by letting the hogs eat this grain you are actually raising hogs without an enclosure.
This is a county that has a hog law, so you may be violating the law and making yourself liable for the damage that these hogs do to crops and hay meadows.
There is probably $20,000 spent on repairing machinery that has been damaged in hay meadows every year.
Damage to legumes, clovers and grain crops are also big problems.
Let's all try to be good neighbors and not do anything to bring about damage to our neighbors.
Edd Kenley







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