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Stories Added - August 2010
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TEA announces accountability ratings
Houston County Courier

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced that 239 school districts and 2,624 schools received Texas’ highest accountability rating of Exemplary. Three Houston County schools and one school district earned the Exemplary rating: Lovelady I.S.D., Lovelady Junior High-Senior High School, Lovelady Elementary School and Latexo Elementary Schools. To earn this rating, at least 90 percent of a district’s or school’s students passed the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS), 95 percent of high school students either graduated on time or continued high school for a fifth year, and the district had an annual middle school dropout rate of 1.8 percent or less. The second highest rating of Recognized was received by 597 districts and 3,153 schools, including Latexo I.S.D., Crockett Elementary, Grapeland Elementary and Latexo High School. More rigorous standards were implemented this year to determine the state’s Recognized rating. The new standards require 80 percent of all students and each evaluated student group to pass the TAKS, compared to 75 percent in previous years. Additionally, the school or district must achieve an 85 percent completion rate and must now have an annual seventh and eighth-grade dropout rate of 1.8 percent or below. The previous seventh and eighth-grade dropout rate requirement was 2 percent. Overall, 298 districts and 1,456 schools received an Academically Acceptable rating under standard accountability procedures. Houston County districts and campuses that earned the rating of Academically Acceptable are Crockett I.S.D. and Grapeland I.S.D., Crockett Junior High, Crockett High School, Grapeland Junior High, Grapeland High School and Kennard Elementary School. Forty-five districts and 125 schools received the lowest rating called Academically Unacceptable. They received this rating under standard accountability procedures if they had TAKS passing rates for any student group or their total student population below 70 percent for reading/English language arts, writing or social studies or below 60 percent for mathematics or 55 percent for science. A completion rate lower than 75 percent or an annual seventh and eighth-grade dropout rate higher than 1.8 percent would also result in an Academically Unacceptable rating. Kennard I.S.D. and Kennard High School were rated Academically Unacceptable. Additional information is available on the Texas Education Agency web site.


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