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Stories Added - August 2010
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Happy 100 Years!
Houston County Courier

Happy 100 Years! Stella Hursh, a resident of Enchanted Pines of Crockett, will celebrate her 100th birthday on Thursday, Aug. 26. Hursh was born in Uncas, OK and was a long-time resident of Ponca City, OK. She was married to Frank Hursh for 59 years. He passed away in 1992. While in Ponca City, Hursh was an active member of the community, and her life has been filled with helping others, from infants to the elderly. From 1964 to 1998, Hursh was a volunteer at St. Joseph Hospital. She is a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church, where she often served as a greeter on Sundays. Until the program ended in 1998, Stella assisted with the Errand Service program at the church which helped the elderly with their shopping. Hursh also worked for a number of years in the child care nursery at the Ponca City YMCA. Earlier in her life, Hursh served as postmaster from 1948 to 1956 in an oilfield camp in Pruitt, IL. To celebrate her birthday, Hursh will be joined by her daughter Darlene Gray of Crockett and her husband, Terry Gray, daughter Ginger Dahlem of Laguna Beach, CA, granddaughter Toni Gray of Crockett, granddaughter Teresa LeGault of Frazier Park, CA, granddaughter Tamara Baston and great-granddaughter Tammy Jo Baston, both of Glendale, CA. Hursh's other family members include her brother Glen Gorrell of Oklahoma City, grandson Scott Dahlem of Newport Beach, CA and great-grandchildren Terry Evans of Fort Worth, Mary LeGault, Marcus LeGault, Teresa Legault and Lance LeGault, all of Frazier Park, CA. Ten years ago when Hursh turned 90, she stated she wanted to live to 100 to beat her father who lived for 93 years. Now when asked what she thinks of turning 100, Hursh said, “I would prefer people didn't know how old I am!”


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