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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - December 2008
Copyright 2008 - Polk County Publishing Company

Third Annual Tour of Homes for Central Baptist Church
Houston County Courier - December 2008
By Sharron Randall
Staff Writer

On Saturday, Dec. 6, women and guests of Central Baptist Church of Crockett made the excursion to three different homes, all located on Hwy. 21 east, during the Third Annual Tour of Homes sponsored by the Women's Ministry. Jan Blackmon is the director.
More than 30 women gathered in the parking lot of the fellowship hall across the street from Central Baptist Church and were greeted joyfully by organizers of the event.
Before departing for what was to become a blessed remembrance of "Christmas time-past and present," each participant was presented a gift sack and told that after visiting each house for approximately 40 minutes, another gift would be added to the sack.
First on the itinerary was the old farmhouse of Kathy Pederson, built in the 1920s by Dan McClain.  Festive decorations adorned the outside and inside of the home. A wonderful scent greeted the guests and an array of various cheese spreads, fruits and fruit dip, sausage balls, crackers and other types of appetizers were spread out on the dining room table.
The original old fashioned porcelain kitchen sink, still in use, the quilt covered iron bedstead, hand sewn window coverings, decorated fireplace mantle and comfortable furnishings of a dairy farm was the setting for Mrs. Pederson's lighted village houses and handmade porcelain dolls.
Before moving across the highway, guests were encouraged by the hostess to share favorite Christmas memories of old: choosing and decorating the tree, the school party that signaled the beginning of the holidays, memories of Santa Claus, receiving a longed for gift and shopping in the Sears and Roebuck catalogue were mentioned.
Then across the highway to Iris Owens' home  with its newly constructed stairway and front porch festooned with boughs of greenery and red ribbon.  Inside the front door stood the lighted Christmas tree next to the piano holding the conventional Nativity scene and the "unwanted" doll, which Mrs. Owens had received under the tree from Santa when she was a very young child. Little Iris wanted a BB gun but got instead a doll.
Other remembrances included a west Texas tumbleweed substituting as the Christmas tree, which caught fire from the lit candles, Life Saver Books, "Baby Blue Eyes" doll, and grandparents' love for their grandchildren.
Mrs. Owens' table was laden with various sandwiches and chips and her gift to the guests was an orange, an apple, and candy canes, gifts reminiscent of an old time Christmas for most.
For the finale, the journey took visitors back towards Crockett for dessert at Marilyn Harrison's house.  In the foyer was a miniature tree with nutcracker ornaments surrounded by larger nutcrackers.
Mrs. Harrison's exhibition of over 50 Santa Claus figures, wreathes, greenery, candles, and snowmen figurines added to the holiday allure.  Each dessert was homemade, not purchased, and was artistically depicted to entice anyone's sweet tooth.
The smell and taste of old fashioned wassail added a final touch to the palate.  Before leaving, guests could add a jar of hot cocoa or spiced tea mix to their gift bags.
Sweetest memories were shared at Mrs. Harrison's including a Christmas baby, stockings hung for Santa to fill, sightings of Saint Nicholas, finding hidden gifts, mincemeat pies, and the Bible reading of the Christmas story.







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