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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - December 2008
Copyright 2008 - Polk County Publishing Company

Houston County Employees Honored
Houston County Courier - December 2008

 Employees of Houston County were honored Monday evening, Dec. 15 with a dinner, employee service awards, and longevity paychecks. 
The Houston County Employee Appreciation Dinner was held at the First United Methodist Family Life Center in Crockett with approximately 185 persons in attendance.
Among the out-of-town guests attending were State Representative Chuck Hopson and Brazos County District Clerk Marc Hamlin who is also the past president of the Texas Association of Counties.  The Wright Family provided entertainment.
"This year the Commissioners Court authorized longevity pay for fulltime employees of Houston County," explained County Judge Lonnie Hunt. 
"Each employee received $60 for each year of fulltime employment up to a maximum of 20 years.  We figured that extra pay would come in handy at Christmas time, so we decided to issue the longevity pay in the same time, we presented plaques to recognize 62 employees who have at least five years of service with the county. "
This included both full time and regular part time service.  Even though part time employment did not qualify for the longevity pay, the county has some very dedicated part- time employees who also deserve the recognition Judge Hunt reported.
In addition to the checks and the plaques, the dinner also featured some lighthearted moments with the presentation of several awards to popular employees and elected officials. 
Employee Service Awards were presented to the following: Auditor's Office: Patricia Sims (36 years); Bailiffs: Jim Clark (5 years); Constable /Community Service Department: Constable Kenneth Red Smith (9 years) County Attorney's Office: Charles Breaux Jr. (5 years), County Attorney Donna Gordon Kaspar (13 years), Laura Goolsby  (19 years); County Clerk's Office: Shellie Cross (6 years), Mary Navarro (8 years), County Clerk Bridget Lamb (24 years); County Court at Law: Tena Argenbright (6 years), Terri Meadows (9 years), Judge Sarah Tunnell Clark (10 years).
In the District Attorney's Office: Michelle Westmoreland (11 years); District Clerk's Office: Lera Patti George (5 years), District Clerk Carolyn Rains (13 years); District Court: Judge Pam Foster Fletcher (5 years), Regina Grant (17 years); Emergency Management: David Lamb Sr. (11 years); Justice of the Peace Office: Judge Kathy Bush (6 years), Jenny Driskell (6 years), Tresea Land (9 years); Juvenile Probation: Thomas Streetman (10 years), Angela Cross (24 years); Maintenance: Odia McQuirter (20 years).
In the R&B Precinct 1: Thomas Yates (5 years), James Vickers (6 years), Commissioner Jerry McLeod (8 years), Bruce Goolsby (12 years), Kevin Goolsby (18 years); R&B Precinct 2: John McKnight (9 years), Commissioner Willie Kitchen (10 years), Isiah Ike McKnight (24 years); R&B Precinct 3: Terry Stewart (6 years), James Randy Worsham (7 years), Commissioner Pat Perry (8 years), Robert McClellan (10 years), Jackie Rollo (16 years); R&B Precinct 4: Commissioner Kennon Kellum (6 years), Jimmy Henderson (8 years),  Gordon Henderson (13 years),  Gary Henderson (27 years),  Bobby Tims (34 years).
In the Houston County Sheriff's Office: Joseph Bowman (5 years), Ryan Martin (5 years), William Owens Jr. (5 years), Sylvuan Duncan (6 years), Susie Hammond (6 years), Joyce Moore (6 years), Morris Luker (7 years), Sheriff Darrel Bobbitt (8 years), Mary Jordan (8 years), Chief Deputy Ronnie Jordan (8 years), Patricia Spaugh (8 years), Roy May (9 years), Justin Killough (10 years), Jail Administrator Jerry Baker (11 years), Randy Hargrove (11 years).
In the Tax Assessor-Collector's Office: Gloria Swor (5 years), Dianna Jansky (7 years), Laronica Smith (12 years), Tax Assessor-Collector Danette Millican (20 years); Treasurer's Office: Jane Sexton (18 years), County Treasurer Dina Herrera (23 years); Veterans Service Office: Winward Bradshaw (24 years).
Also receiving awards were C. R. Chili Hodges, who has served in the non-salaried position of county surveyor for 38 years, DPS Troopers Michael Hutcherson (6 years), Bobby Bowlin (20 years) and Bob Reeves (23 years); and Texas Parks and Wildlife Officers Eddie Lehr (5 years) and Zak Benge (9 years).





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