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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - December 2008
Copyright 2008 - Polk County Publishing Company

Door Decoration Contests Bring Cheer
Houston County Courier - December 2008
By Sharron Randall
Staff Writer

Several door decoration contests brought Christmas cheer to the community as employees of Houston County and East Texas Medical Center-Crockett plus the residents and staff of Houston County Nursing Home displayed their creativity in adorning doorways with tinsel, Santas, trees, wreathes, found objects and spiritual symbols of the meaning of Christmas.
Winning doors at the Houston County Courthouse and Annex were determined by judges from outside the county.  Most Creative and Overall Winner was the County Court at Law's Gingerbread House.
The County Court at Law staff will be treated to a "hot" breakfast prepared by the County Auditor's Office, and also as part of the overall winner's prize, the County Court at Law will be named Department of the Month for January.
The maintenance department in the basement of the courthouse used recyclable materials and housekeeping tools to reap the title of Most Original, while the county clerk's entrance on the main floor displayed Most Spiritual so as not to forget the true meaning of Christmas.
Other office doorways and departments, from the county judge, technology, extension agency, auditor, tax and auto registration, exhibited an array of imaginative talent as a gift for the citizens of Houston County to enjoy until after the New Year.
The various hospital departments decorated doorways with holiday and wintry themes while residents of the nursing home, their family members and staff festooned their entrances and trees with ornamentation meant to bring joyful cheer during the season to visitors, guests and the residents themselves.
As of press time, winning categories at the hospital and nursing home had not been posted, but a final list of winners will be announced later.











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