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Stories Added - December 2010
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Former principal’s next assignment announced Pending outcome
Houston County Courier

By Lynda Jones
Managing Editor

Former Crockett High School Principal Mark Giles, currently on administrative leave, will be reassigned as principal of the District Alternative Education Program (DAEP), Superinten-dent Dr. Douglas Moore announced Monday night, Nov. 29. That reassignment is contingent on Giles being cleared of the criminal charge for which he was indicted Oct. 27. The announcement about Giles’ reassignment came after the regular meeting of the Crockett ISD Board of Trustees. After the board met in executive session for seven and a half hours on Nov.17 to hear Giles’ Level 3 grievance against the superintendent, the board instructed Moore to inform Giles of his new assignment prior to Monday’s meeting. Giles was placed on administrative leave during the summer break. After Monday’s meeting, in an interview with KTRE (Lufkin Channel 9) reporter Morgan Thomas, Moore explained the new assignment will begin if/when Giles is cleared of the criminal charge Giles is facing. Giles was indicted by a Houston County Grand Jury Oct. 27 on a felony charge of abuse of official capacity >$1,500<$20,000. The charge stemmed from alleged misuse of a school-issued computer. During his interview with Thomas, Moore explained the grievance process. “We had a level 3 grievance that was against me from the former high school principal on him being reassigned.” Moore said Giles wanted to remain principal of Crockett High School. “After the grievance hearing, the board voted 7-0 to uphold the Level 2 grievance in which he was denied any rights as far as his reassignment was concerned,” Moore said. “Most of the time you go from 1- 2 - 3, but since I was his immediate supervisor it went to 2. I’m usually 2. Like if a teacher has a problem then they would be grieving the principal. “In this case, he’s a principal and he’s grieving me as his immediate supervisor, the superintendent,” Moore ex-plained. The next step was for Giles to go to the board with the Grievance Level 3. During the Nov. 17 executive session, Moore explained further, “They (the board) listened to him and his attorneys present his feelings. They listened to my attorney present my feelings. “Then the board went into executive session (without Giles or Moore present) and when they came out they voted 7-0 to uphold what basically went on in Level 2 which was at my level to deny him. He had to be reassigned.” When Thomas asked what happens now, Moore said, “It’s over.” Regarding the four hours the board met without Moore or Giles, Moore said, “They went through all the items on all the materials they had before them. I think two or three hundred pages of materials I think they went through.” Thomas asked Moore when Giles would assume the new DAEP position and about the impact of the criminal proceedings. “If he’s cleared, he would be going to the DAEP,” Moore said. When Thomas asked Moore how the assignment was determined to be the next best fit for Giles, he explained, “Well it has to be an appropriate level. He has to be maintained at an administrative level at which he was on reassignment.” Moore said, “That’s state law. He can’t be demoted. In other words, he had to be assigned at the same level and he has to maintain the same salary. “If you’re going to reassign somebody it has to be that way for the remainder of their contract.” According to Moore, I think he (Giles) had a two-year (contract) in January so he’ll have . . . say a year and 6 months (left on the term of his contract).” If Giles is found guilty of the criminal charge, Moore said, “The state board certification will take his (teaching) certification away.” If Giles is cleared, Moore said further, “I fully expect to work with Mr. Giles if he’s cleared.” Moore also said there are no plans at this time for administrative changes at the high school. “We don't have any plans right now other than the interim (principal).” “In the future, I’m sure that the board and I will go through the process, probably later on in the regular (contract) cycle in February.” As for conditions at the high school this year, Moore told Thomas, “It’s going fine as far as I know. Discipline is good, attendance is up, they’re studying for their TAKS tests, so I know that Mrs. (Judy) Leediker is doing a great job right now.” “I haven’t heard anybody say any bad things about the high school this year,” Moore said. “They're doing a great job. They’re meeting the parents, talking to parents, they’re looking at grades, they’re looking at kids that are having trouble with their grades, they’re getting ready for TAKS. They’ve got a lot of things to work with this year,” Moore said. Moore told Thomas he can’t elaborate on any of the continuing investigations by attorneys. “There’s all kinds of stuff that’s being checked on,” he said.


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