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Lovelady Middle School strive to bring true meaning of Christmas to deployed troops
Houston County Courier

The fifth and sixth grade students in Lovelady do not exchange $5.00 gifts as many classes do at Christmas time. Instead they bring $5 (or however much they can afford) and the money goes to buy things to send to United States soldiers serving overseas. This year, they brought $201.25 to school, then a local business added a $500 donation to aid in the purchasing of items. The grand total was $701.25, all of which was spent on United States troops. The goal of the Lovelady Middle School students and faculty is to bring the true meaning of Christmas to United States soldiers who are far from home. Some of the items purchased included 88 pairs of socks, 71 pairs of underwear, 46 t-shirts, 25 packages of deoderant, 36 bars of soap, 85 toothbrushes, 38 packages of baby wipes, 211 razors, 100 packages of crackers, 21 cans of shaving cream, 18 Listerine Pocket Strips, 33 packages of gum, 24 boxes of raisins, bags of candy, 12 containers of dental floss, as well as numerous other items. The middle school students also painted “Paw Prints” and sold candy cane messages to raise money for their group. They used this money to pay the postage on their soldier gifts, which have been sent to a remote outpost in Afghanistan where conditions for the soldiers are very primative. There were a total of 11 boxes sent and the postage totalled $215.45.


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