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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - February 2009
Copyright 2008 - Polk County Publishing Company

Court Receives Good News About Elevator
Houston County Courier -  February 2009
By Sharron Randall
Staff Writer

Houston County Judge Lonnie Hunt described the regular Houston County Commissioners Court's agenda on Tuesday, Feb. 10 as "short and sweet," and the news about the courthouse elevator was "good."  When the meeting adjourned at 10:27 a.m., Precinct 3 Commissioner Pat Perry said, "I think we've set a record."
The court tabled the award of a bid for installation of a new hydraulic cylinder in the court house elevator after Judge Hunt reported that the work might not be required.
The county was told by the state three years ago that the elevator had a single bottom jack, and that a new double bottom jack needed to be installed. 
At that time the county applied for a waiver and was granted a three-year delay, which will expire at the end of March.
The judge explained that a representative of Humble Elevator Company found a tag on the elevator indicating that it was installed in January of 1972.  Any new elevator installed during that time period was already required to have the double bottom jack. 
He said a representative of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation told him prior to the meeting that if the elevator company will put that in writing, the county would not have to replace the cylinder. 
The lowest bid received for the work was $44,212.  Two other verbal bids offered were well over $50,000.
In County Attorney Daphne Session's office, Jonathan Ritchey was approved as the new assistant county attorney, Reginald Olive was approved as the new victim coordinator and investigator, and Mary Navarro was approved as the new administrative assistant. 
In County Clerk Bridget Lamb's office, Janice Turner was approved as fulltime deputy clerk.
The court awarded a bid for purchase of a new three quarter ton pickup for Road and Bridge Precinct 1 to Cutshaw Chevrolet at a cost of $25,850.
Precinct 1 Commissioner Roger Dickey recommended purchasing the vehicle from a local dealer and Judge Hunt concurred with, "It's always good to buy from home town dealers."





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