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Census shows slight loss in population
Houston County Courier

By Wayne Mask
Mayor of Crockett

I recently received some preliminary U.S. Census numbers for our area and much as we expected, the City of Crockett population has experienced a slight decrease. The population in 2000 was recorded as 7141 and the 2010 totals for Crockett are 6950, with a net loss in 10 years of just under 200. Although Crockett saw a slight decrease in population, Houston County as a whole saw a slight increase, going from 23,185 to 23,732. I’d like to think our net loss is the county’s gain, but we have not received the details of the count yet. It is my opinion that, like many cities, there are certain population segments that are difficult to count. Some cities, like Houston for example, are protesting their count numbers, stating that certain parts of their community were not accurately counted. The U.S. Census has a system that allows municipalities to protest their numbers. I don’t necessarily think we should consider protesting our count, but I do think that as usual, getting an accurate count of the citizens in any size community is a huge challenge. Every 10 years, the U.S. Census goes to extraordinary efforts to make sure that an accurate count is achieved. But in spite of these efforts, it is my feeling that, even though census workers and all involved did a great job, there are still those that just refuse to be counted. So what does this mean to Crockett? Our decreased population, coupled with the fact that we are bound to see major changes regarding reduced federal and state funding due to the budget crises on every level, it will be interesting to see what kind of impact it has on our great city.


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