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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - January 2009
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Sheriff Bobbitt warns citizens about SCAM
Houston County Courier -  January 2009

Houston County Sheriff Bobbitt is sending out another warning to citizens to beware of the numerous scams surfacing again. 
There have been several new scams going around.  One citizen received a call from someone regarding their bank account and asking if they had lost money in their account. 
Thankfully, the person who received the call did not give out any personal information.
Anytime someone calls and asks for personal information, such as bank account numbers, social security numbers, or any other pertinent information, you should never give that out. 
Even through the mail, you need to make sure that you know who you are giving that information to, if you respond at all.
Another citizen received a credit card in the mail that she did not apply for with a credit limit on it. She did the right thing and called to have the card cancelled and made sure no one had charged anything on it with it being in her name. 
Checks are still being mailed to people in large amounts requesting that the person receiving them cash them and keep a portion and return a larger sum to them in a money order. 
For those who have fallen victim to this scam, the cashed check comes back with insufficient funds and they are out the money they returned to the sender.
If you receive a check that you are not expecting, especially from a lottery that you have not entered or a foreign country, the Sheriff urges you to shred it and not be fooled into the false hope they offer.  Sometimes, just plain old common sense is the best way to judge things.
 Again, Sheriff Bobbitt urges citizens to be diligent and closely guard their personal information so that no one starts the New Year out as a victim of these types of scams.  The old saying still rings true, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”









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