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Stories Added - January 2010
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DPS issues commemorative 75th anniversary badges
Houston County Courier -  January 2010

AUSTIN - The Department of Public Safety is kicking off its 75th Anniversary year by issuing commemorative badges to current and retired commissioned employees.
The DPS, established in 1935, is celebrating this milestone with various activities throughout the year and across the state.
"DPS employees, both current and retired, should take pride in the Department's 75 years of service to the State of Texas," said Steven C. McCraw, director of the DPS.
"The anniversary badge serves as a visual reminder of the Department's ongoing commitment to public safety."
The anniversary badge features design aspects from badges worn by DPS commissioned personnel from the 1930s to last year.
While current and retired commissioned employees will have to purchase the new badge, which costs $65, $10 of the price will be donated to the Texas Department of Public Safety Historical Museum and Research Center.
Purchasing the 75th anniversary badge is optional, and commissioned personnel who do not purchase the new badge will continue to wear the 2009 badge.
The anniversary badge will only be worn this year, and DPS officers will resume wearing the 2009 badges in 2011.
The current DPS Training Academy class, which will graduate in April, will be issued the anniversary badge, will wear it this year and then switch to the 2009 badge with everyone else at the end of the year.


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