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Stories Added - January 2010
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Latexo High School Student Council - 2010 Homecoming Candidates
Houston County Courier -  January 2010

LATEXO - The Latexo High School Student Council has announced the names of the 2010 Homecoming Candidates from whom the Homecoming Queen and King will be selected in a special ceremony held Saturday, Jan. 16 in the Latexo High School Gymnasium beginning at 7 p.m.
Homecoming Queen will be chosen from the 12th grade candidates Brandi Adams, Joni Haynes, Chloe’ Pinnell, and Kimberly Rodriguez.
Homecoming King will be chosen from the 12th grade candidates Kenny Cloud, Derek Low, Antonio Perez, and Hayden Terrell.
Duke and Duchess will be chosen from the Junior High candidates. Representing the seventh grade are Emily Burns, Ashlee Frizzell, Jacob Rhone, and Jace Skalicky.
Representing the eighth grade are Jordan Lane, Jeania Pippin, Alton Luce, and Brett Shafer.
Prince and Princess will be chosen from ninth, 10th and 11th grade candidates.
Representing the ninth grade are Brooke Becker, Olivia Santone, Brendan Galloway, and Mason Short.
Representing the 10th grade are Camdon Galloway, Ciara Stewart, Arturo Rodriguez, and Mathew VanEgmond.
Representing the 11th grade are Lauren Cochrane, Taylor Tsamouris, Randon Rains, and Austin Roberts.
Organizers reminded visitors they have contracted a professional photographer and videographer for the occasion, but guests are welcome to take personal pictures during the ceremony.

Admission to the coronation will be $2 for adults, $1 for students, and $1 for senior citizens.


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