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Stories Added - January 2010
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Latexo royalty crowned
Houston County Courier -  January 2010

By Barbara Simpson
Latexo ISD

LATEXO - Saturday evening, Jan. 16 the Latexo High School gymnasium was converted into a Shimmering, Starry Night as the 2010 Homecoming Court was presented, and royalty crowned. 
Our 2009 Homecoming King and Queen, Brian Simpson and Melinda Goolsby returned to oversee the night’s activities and crown our 2010 winners.
Vying for Duke and Duchess were representatives from the Junior High. 
Seventh grade representatives were Emily Burns, daughter of Gary Burns, and her escort Jacob Rhone, son of Keith and Tina Rhone, and Ashlee Frizzell, daughter of Bobbie Jo and Philip Frizzell, and her escort Jace Skalicky, son of Lori and Jody Skalicky. 
Eighth grade representatives were Jordan Lane, daughter of Michael and Jo Lane, and her escort Alton Luce, son of Michael and Tammy Luce and Jennifer and John Jones, and Jeania Pippin, daughter of Brandy and Randy Waldron, and her escort Brett Shafer, son of Lynn and Sabrena Brown.
Vying for Prince and Princess were representatives from grades nine through 11. 
Ninth grade representatives were Brooke Becker, daughter of Stephanie Melgoza and Phillip Becker, and her escort Mason Short, son of Clay and Christi Short, and Olivia Santone, daughter of Diana Santone and Carmen Santone, and her escort Brendan Galloway, son of Karen and Burnie Galloway. 
Tenth grade representatives were Camdon Galloway, daughter of Joe and Ginger Galloway, and her escort Mathew Van Egmond, son of Bryan and Cristina Hancock, and Ciara Stewart, daughter of Wayne and Barbara Stewart, and her escort Arturo Rodriguez, son of Gonzalo and Eugenia Rodriguez. 
Eleventh grade representatives were Lauren Rae Cochrane, daughter of Liz and Martin Cochrane, and her escort Austin Roberts, son of Lisa Hall, and Taylor Tsamouris, granddaughter of Dorothy Langham, and her escort Randon Rains, son of Debbie Parish.
Finally, vying for King and Queen were representatives from the senior class. 
Brandi Adams, daughter of Joey and Cindy Adams, and her escort Antonio Perez, son of Donato and Maria Perez, Joni Haynes, daughter of Steve and Sandra Haynes, and her escort Hayden Lee Terrell, son of Cheryl and Billy Joe Terrell, Chloe’ Pinnell, daughter of Mary and Paul Pinnell, and her escort Derek Low, son of Regina Low and Darrrell and Teresa Low, and Kimberly Rodriguez, daughter of Miguel and Maria Rodriguez, and her escort Kenny Cloud, son of Johnny and Cathey Cloud.
After much anticipation, the Latexo High School 2010 Homecoming Royalty were crowned. 
The 2010 Duke and Duchess Jace Skalicky and Jordan Lane; the 2010 Prince and Princess are Randon Rains and Camdon Galloway; and the 2010 King and Queen are Derek Low and Joni Haynes.
The Latexo High School student council wishes to congratulate our royalty as well as the entire Homecoming Court. 
They also want to thank faculty members, parents, and students who helped to make this year’s coronation a success; if it were not for your help and support, this night would never happen.


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