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Neighbors take dim view of spotlights
Houston County Courier

By Lynda Jones
Managing Editor

The Crockett City Council was presented with a proposed ordinance Tuesday, Jan. 11 that would, in effect, prevent someone from erecting a spotlight that is directed at someone else’s home. When City Administrator Ron Duncan presented the proposal to council, he said it was prompted by complaints from citizens about a situation where there are spotlights directed at their homes. He explained that the extent of light is disrupting the lives of the citizens. Duncan said that if someone has a floodlight to light a play area or a parking area, it should light that area and not the adjacent neighbor’s front yard. The proposed ordinance would prohibit anyone from operating or maintaining a spotlight if the spotlight beam is aimed at a structure on real property on which the spotlight is not located. It excluded the use of spotlights being operated in the course of duty by a law enforcement agency or officer. No council members spoke for or against the proposed ordinance and none of them made a motion to approve the ordinance. Residents present at the meeting were surprised and disappointed that the ordinance failed. A frustrated Belle Hall addressed council at the end of the meeting when public comments were allowed. Council member Ansel Bradshaw lives next door to where the lights are erected, but his property is not illuminated by them. During the meeting, he told Hall, “I think at this time this is a civil issue between two property owners.” “But, I will look into it some more,” he added. During an interview with the Courier on Thursday, Jan. 12, Virginia and John Hooks and Belle and James Hall expressed frustration about the situation. “The city can’t plead ignorance because the city police were out here the first night. They’ve been aware since Day One,” John Hooks said. The Hooks’ and the Halls believe the lights were erected and aimed at them in retaliation for their stance on another issue. Early last summer, they were part of a group that petitioned


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