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Grapeland resident asks GHD to consider need for med. facility
Houston County Courier

Delbert Walker, a longtime resident of Grapeland, addressed the Grapeland Hospital District at their board meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 18. His concern was would the board look into getting a medical facility for the Grapeland Community. Walker opened by saying, “I would like to thank you and I appreciate you’re willing to serve this district. So many people don’t realize how important the board is to our community.” The main question Walker had for the board was what is the next step the board is going to take? He was referencing the completed demolition of the old hospital and getting a new medical facility for the Grapeland community. Walker stated, “We don’t have anything to provide any type of medical service.” He also stated that since people do not have a place to receive medical attention, they call 911. “That is how people get care, they get the ambulance to carry them to the emergency room.That is the most expensive type of medical facility,” said Walker. The board was also asked if there had been any planning to bring in some form of a clinic in order to provide medical service for the residents of Grapeland. Board member Farrell Dancer responded by saying, “I was going to go to Palestine to talk with some of their doctors to see how their urgent care clinics were doing and also see what kind of grant options are out there.” “Mr. Walker, financially we can’t fund it ourselves. We just don’t have the money and it would cost a lot to run it,” Dancer stated. Walker responded by saying that he was not looking for a charity type deal, but more of a place where people in the community can go get medical services. “A place where people that work here everyday can go down and get some care for their families without having to go out of town,” is what Walker proposed. Walker also stated that if Grapeland is ever going to grow, the first things people will look for is a medical facility as well as how good the schools are. When the board was asked why there is a hospital district or pay the taxes if services are not being provided? Board member David Bridges answered that question by saying, “We are providing services when we are called upon to do so. We can’t go look for people to provide services to. By law, they have to come to us.”


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