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Reader voices opinion on report
Houston County Courier - July 2008

Well, there goes the media again.
Trying a case in the public media before it is even addressed in the correct forum.
In the recent alleged misconduct by two Houston County Sheriff's Office deputies, the press gleefully pounced without giving any consideration to basic rights that are to be protected, even by the press, as is their own duty.
If indeed the two deputies performed the act that is alleged, then by all means, allow the sheriff of the county, in whom we all placed our trust in during the elections, to act in the best interests of the citizens of the county.
The very unprofessional conduct and statements by the chief of the city police is telling.
He should be acting as a professional law enforcement officer not a civil rights spokesman, aka J Jackson.
I suppose having a brother-in-law as a spokesman covers that issue nicely.
Especially since the chief and two of the city's finest are under investigation, (indictment?) for violation of a citizen's civil rights and conspiracy to commit a crime that is also "alleged."
I hope that "He that lives in a glass house," would heed the dangers of casting stones.
I feel sorry for the alleged victim in the case vs the HCSO, and I feel sorry for the victim of the case vs the police department.
But, most of all, I feel sorry for the citizens of Houston County and the City of Crockett for what is happening.

Roger Erwin





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