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Fire destroys ambulance
Houston County Courier - July 2008

According to Grapeland Fire Chief Roger Dickey, a Thursday, July 17 fire seriously damaged a Grapeland EMS 2007 Chevrolet Ambulance.

Dickey said a firefighter was passing by the fire station that houses the EMS equipment about 1:30 p.m. and noticed smoke coming from the unoccupied building.

The Grapeland firefighter  immediately radioed for help and proceeded to remove the ambulance from the bay. The fire was promptly extinguished.

Dickey said the majority of the damaged sustained by the ambulance was confined to the motor and chassis.

He said there was some smoke damage to the ambulance however, he added that there was no damage to the building, fire equipment or the other ambulance equipment.

"We are still able to meet the needs of resident's emergencies," Dickey said.

"We are fortunate in that the incident occurred during the day when it could be readily noticed," he said.

One firefighter was reportedly overcome by smoke and transported to ETMC Tyler, treated and released.

Dickey said an insurance investigator and adjuster would review the incident and determine the cause of the fire and extent of damage to the equipment.




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