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Sheriff's Office Arrest Three on Theft Charges
Houston County Courier - June 2008

Houston County Sheriff Darrel Bobbitt reported that three people had been arrested and charged in connection with the theft of material
from a construction site.
Raymond Christoph, 42, Aimee Summers, 28, and Donald McCray, 61, all of Crockett, were arrested and charged with felony theft and engaging in organized criminal activity.
The sheriff said his office received a call on Thursday, June 26 from a concerned citizen who had witnessed suspicious activity around CR 1280 east near  
Lovelady at a Helmcamp Construction site.
Sheriff Bobbitt said the three arrests were made because his deputies were able to locate
the suspicious vehicle seen at the construction site using
information from the call.
The suspects had reportedly stolen metal re-bar and material from the construction site, which was later recovered at Houston County Scrap and Salvage. 
While at the salvage yard, a deputy also noticed more re-bar underneath a pile of scrap that was similar to what had been stolen.
Sheriff Bobbitt stated that it had also been stolen from the same site.
The sheriff said that Helmcamp told deputies they had noticed the re-bar missing but had not reported it stolen as of yet. 
There was a total of $10,000 worth of materials reported stolen and the sheriff’s office was able to recover about 95 percent of it. 
Bond was set for each  $5,000 for theft and $10,000 on the organized criminal activity charge. 
As of press time Wednesday the trio remained incarcerated in the Houston County Sheriff's Office Jail.

Raymond Christoph

Aimee Summers

Donald McCray








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