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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - July 2009
Copyright 2009 - Polk County Publishing Company

TWC Reminds Texas Employers and Workers of Federal Minimum Wage Increase
Houston County Courier -  July 2009

AUSTIN – The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) reminds Texas employers and workers of the increase in the federal minimum wage effective Friday, July 24, 2009.
The minimum wage rate rises to $7.25, up 70 cents from the 2008 rate of $6.55.
“Although most Texas workers receive wages greater than the minimum wage from their employers, this increase is an opportunity for those at the lowest wage levels to receive additional income,” said TWC Chairman Tom Pauken.
The Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007 was signed into law to increase the minimum wage rate by $2.10 over a three year schedule.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 262,000 Texans earned the federal minimum wage or less in 2008. The Texas Civilian Labor Force totals more than 12 million workers.
“It is important for Texas workers to be fairly compensated for the work they do,” said TWC Commissioner Representing Labor Ronny Congleton.
“This increase in wages is a well-deserved step up for many hard-working Texans.”
 TWC administers the Texas Payday Law, which requires private employers to provide workers with earned compensation in a complete and timely manner. TWC Labor Law investigators annually conduct more than 15,000 wage claim investigations statewide.
“It is important that everyone understand and comply with the new federal minimum wage laws, so that workers receive all the wages they’ve earned in a timely manner,” said TWC Commissioner Representing the Public Andres Alcantar.
Workers who feel their rights have been violated under the Texas Payday Law should fill out a wage claim form and submit it to TWC’s Labor Law Section or to the nearest workforce center.
Labor Law staff also educates the general public about the Texas Payday Law, the Texas Child Labor Law and the Texas Minimum Wage Act through presentations to employer organizations, educational service centers, workforce boards and more.
TWC recovered more than $9.9 million in unpaid wages for Texas workers in Calendar Years 2007 and 2008. Wage claim forms are available on TWC’s web site at www.twc.state.tx.us/ui/lablaw/lablaw.html
Employers seeking required workplace signs may also access this web site. Both employers and the general public may call (800) 832-9243 with any questions from within Texas or from outside Texas, call (512) 475-2670.



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